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China's white biotechnology has entered a period of rapid development

Published Date:05-05-2021    Source:    Author:  Viewed:571

Ximei information, a domestic professional market research institution, released * * new research and forecast report on China's white biotechnology. The report mainly analyzes the development trend of biological products industry, biofuel industry, bio based fine chemical industry, bio based chemical industry and biomaterial industry, as well as * * new technological progress of new white biotechnology products such as new products LDA, starch based materials and PPC, Relevant policies and regulations, the planting and supply of renewable raw materials in China, and predicted the future prospects, bottlenecks and business opportunities of nearly 30 main white biotechnology products and biomass materials related to white biotechnology, such as grain crops, non grain crops, vegetable oil and wood fiber materials. The historical data is updated to 2010 and predicted to 2020.

The report points out that white biotechnology (Industrial Biotechnology) is known as the third biotechnology wave after red Biotechnology (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology) and Green Biotechnology (Agricultural Biotechnology). It has the characteristics of social benefits, economic benefits and meeting environmental protection requirements. It is one of the promising new technologies in the world.

In the past two decades, China has always attached great importance to the development of white biotechnology industry. The Chinese government has taken various measures, including material incentives and preferential tax subsidies, to meet the supply and demand of products. China's white biotechnology has achieved rapid development, especially in bioenergy and chemical industries. For example, China has consolidated and strengthened its position as the third largest producer of ethyl alcohol and the largest producer of * * * chemicals.

According to the new statistics of Ximei Information * *, the market value of bio based fine chemicals in China reached US $7.4 billion in 2010, accounting for about 40% of the market value of China's white biotechnology industry. It is the white biotechnology sub industry of China * * * *.

The research shows that for white biotechnology, China has completed major technologies such as strain engineering, fermentation process optimization, immobilized enzyme and cell technology, separation and extraction technology, and optimization breakthrough of bioreactor. The application of biocatalysis technology in fermentation and high-value small batch products in China has achieved great success in the past few decades.

Due to the development of science and technology, the number of products has increased significantly and the production scale has expanded. The main products of white biotechnology in China are traditional fermentation products, such as enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, starch derivatives, emerging white biotechnology products, polyhydroxyfatty acid esters, 1,3-pdo and microalgae diesel. Based on the successful technology application experience in the past, more white biotechnology products will be more commercialized in the future.

Zhang Xingqiang, a researcher of western American information, said: with the increasing support of the Chinese government for strategic emerging industries during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's white biotechnology industry will develop faster and faster, create more output value and bring greater social benefits.

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